Industrial Bearings

Why would you buy a BOAT BEARING for your precision engineered pump?



Traditionally, the tooling made for your industrial pump shaft bearing was designed in the 1950’s in 1/8” increments by NAVAL ARCHETECTS, for use on boats!  The boat bearing is then ground down to meet your specifications. 


Palmer Bearings are manufactured in-house, to customer requirements for fluid-lubricated industrial applications with special consideration given to tolerances required for inside diameter, outside diameter, length and concentricity.  We recognize that these critical requirements must be maintained to compliment the precision engineering that goes into your equipment.


We machine, to your exact specifications, outer shells of high quality carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel, duplex stainless, and federalloy bronze among other alloys. We also stock non-metallic shells in linen epoxy to MIL P-15035FBE, and fiberglass epoxy to MIL-P-18177 GEE and more.


Our bearing linings include elastomers such as bunas, nitriles, neoprene, viton, EPDM, and LCF, and silicone, as well as Teflon(graphite and glass filled), urethane, and vespel among others. We can also custom mix our elastomers for your application from extreme cold service to geothermal requirements up to 180ºC. The elastomers used in our bearings are compounded to resist abrasion and are resilient enough to allow particulates to pass through the bearing, prolonging the shaft and bearing life to allow longer runtime between teardowns. 


Palmer Products, Inc. is a pioneer in the industrial bearing market, we are the only manufacturer to offer the ‘Water Wedge’ design, its unique octagon lining applies the laws of hydrodynamics to allow more flow through the column and bowls, meaning increased efficiency and movement of particulate toward the discharge.  See the water wedge advantage page for more information.